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Meet the Director

Devoted and Experienced


Dr. Mari Cerda

Director/ BCBA

CEO and Clinical Director, Dr. Mari-Luci Cerda is a trauma-responsive, bilingual, board certified behavior analyst, licensed behavior analyst, and registered Inclusive Therapist. As a former special educator of nearly 13 years, Dr. Cerda has extensive knowledge and experience supporting children with various disabilities from preschool to adult. Mari is proactively involved in various professional organizations and currently sits on the advisory board for the Standard Celeration Society, Next4Autism, TXABA Promoting ABA Committee, and the BHCOE PFW Workgroup. Dr. Cerda also provides free consultation and training for the local DanceAbilities program at Ballet Lubbock. Her passions include creating safe spaces for children with disabilities to learn and thrive, educating the community on true inclusion through the provision of culturally responsive and safe supports. 

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